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Friday, January 7, 2011

Vikalp (2011) Watch Movie Online

Vikalp (2011)

Vikalp (2011) *****


Deepal Shaw
Alok Nath
Chetan Pandit
Nirmal Pandey

Production Credits

Director: Sachin P. Karande
Producer: Parmeshwar Vyas , Subhash Dudani , Keshar K. Shinde
Written by: Vishal Vijay Kumar

Movie Details

Genre: Thriller, Drama
Language: Hindi
Release date and status: Released on Jan 7, 2011

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Vikalp (2011) - Story:

Small town girl Rishika Gandhi (Deepal Shaw) is the perfect geek. She knows her computers better than her ABCs and can give all the hacktivists who are making headlines today, a run for their money. She tries to chase her dreams in an IT company in Mumbai but is forced to leave for Bangkok after being humiliated for her humble vernacular bearings by the insensate boss. Bangkok seems like El Dorado, until she realises her skills are being used by a terrorist network to fund their arms supply. Time for some desh-bhakti...

Vikalp (2011) - Movie Review:

If she can make you sit through the film which boasts of no big stars and no big banner, then surely Deepal Shaw is a fine actress. The two-film (Kalyug and A Wednesday) old girl manages to hold your attention with her earthy act of a gutsy middle class Maharashtrian computer wizard who may be low on social skills but doesn't lack brain -- and brawn -- despite her apparent timidity.
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