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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mere Baap Pahle Aap (2008)

Mere Baap Pahle Aap (2008)
Akshaye Khanna - Gaurav Rane
Naseeruddin Shah
Shobhna Shah – Anuradha
Paresh Rawal - Janaradhan Wishvanbhar Rane
Om Puri - Madhav Mathur
Production Credits
Director: Jahnu Barua
Producer: Raman Maroo , Ketan Maroo , Mansi Maroo
Written by: Priyadarshan , Kalavur Ravikumar

Akshaye Khanna as Gaurav RaneThis younger son of Janardhan Rane shares a unique relationship with his father. Usually, he is his father’s best friend. But whenever he tries to discipline his father, he becomes his father’s father. The two get along like a house on fire – the only bone of contention being Janardhan’s friendship with the lecherous Mathur, whom Gaurav considers to be a bad influence on his father.

Paresh Rawal as Janardhan Vishvanbhar RaneThis simple and docile man lost his wife years ago, but devoted his life to bringing up his two sons. He has never ever thought of remarriage, whilst his best friend Mathur only thinks of remarriage. Then, out of the blue, he comes face to face with his first love, and he realizes that he never stopped loving her. But he still hesitates to express his love because he is afraid of hurting his own grown-up sons.

Genelia D'Souza as Shikha KapoorThis cute and mischievous girl has come from the US for a friend’s wedding. She has another mission as well – to take sweet revenge from the man who played a nasty prank on her when they were studying together in college. That man is Gaurav Rane. Even as she torments Gaurav, she falls in love with him.
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